There's shipping.
And then there's food shipping.

We combine food shipping expertise with fanatical customer service
to take the stress out of cross-border freight moves.

The Real Cost
of Shipping Mistakes

We reveal how shopping for the lowest freight rate for trucking services can actually increase your costs.

Safeguard Your
Food Shipments

Learn why ConAgra and other food shippers trust us with their temp-controlled freight.

Response Promise

You call and a human being responds within 5 minutes. It's as simple as that. 

Service Freight is the antidote for every 3PL or freight broker who didn’t return a call, missed an important detail or failed to confirm a delivery. Our people are cross-border, temperature-controlled shipping experts whose obsessive attention to detail and communication reduces the fear and uncertainty associated with freight shipments between Canada and the U.S. 

With Service Freight, you can truly book it and forget it.

Meet our best sales people: Our Clients

ConAgra Foods

“I like the philosophy at Service Freight.  It’s never a sales pitch like the cold calls I get every day from carriers.  Service Freight has more of a team-based, service-focused approach.”

Frank Dominic, ConAgra Foods

TreeHouse Foods

“The follow up is great. I may talk to 5 different people, but they keep track of all customer interactions on the system. If someone goes home sick, I don’t have to explain what happened to the next person. It’s a team.

Bill Boirier, TreeHouse Foods

Sealed Air: Packaging & Hygiene Solutions

“They have a commitment to watch the load and advise me along the way if there are problems, such as a delay at Customs. They seem to care about us as a customer.”

Mark Denise, Sealed Air

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Exploring the Human Side of Freight

How poor communication by your 3PL is secretly costing you a ton of money.